Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but even better. It’s rent-to-build-equity. Your rental fee can apply to the purchase of your rental instrument or the purchase of a brand new intermediate instrument. If you decide to switch instruments, you can switch and keep 100% of your equity.

The first step would be to call us. In most cases, we’ll ship out another instrument to you right away. Then, you can ship us your broken or damaged instrument. We’ll pay for shipping both ways! Even though we cover shipping, you’ll need to find an adequate box to ship the instrument in.

No way! We know some kids will change their mind after a few months or even a few days. You pay one month at a time.

Anything that happens during normal use, even being dropped, knocked over, etc. will be covered. Loss is not covered. However, theft is covered if you supply a police report. Strings and reeds are considered general maintenance, so it’s your job to replace them.

No, just the rental fees for your first month.

Simply call or email us at (303)-860-3915, and we’ll send you a shipping label. You’ll need to properly box and package the instrument and take it to the shipping drop off location.

A professional can make almost any instrument sound good, but a beginner needs all the help they can get. A low-quality instrument is incredibly frustrating. We’ve seen students driven to tears when struggling with bad instruments.

You can go either way! However, for most folks, getting into a brand-new, higher-quality instrument makes the most sense.